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Our world is updating and changing every day and your brand needs to go digital. Join us on the ultimate transformation for your business that leads right to certain success. We can:

Build a strong digital business.

Create an effective brand positioning.

Generate loyal clients.

Our services


Analysis and diagnose. Marketing and communication plans to improve your brand strength, based on market opportunities.


Analysis. Naming. Brand Identity. Brandbooks and Styleguides.


Responsive websites design and programming – SEO – Online ad campaigns (Google and Social Ads). Social media marketing, Community management and E-mail marketing campaigns. ATL traditional media.


Metrics analytics. Reports. Strategy counselling.


Photo. Video. 3D. Animations. Graphics.


Stands design and production. Virtual stands. VR immersive and 360º interactive experiences.



This is us

We don´t work for our clients, we work with our clients, as a team. That´s our difference.

Brandology has an interdisciplinary staff of experts in every communication area: consulting, advertising, digital marketing, community management, graphic design, writing, programming and video production. There are no limits for our creativity.

And we have something greater in common: passion for what we do.

Come and share our love for brands and live a Brandology experience.

We have more than 20 years of experience working for local and international companies.

We know brands.

Our Reason to Believe

The right digital brand positioning in a world that´s constantly changing.

Your brand needs to stand confidently!

We create marketing strategies anchored in your brand´s DNA.

And, what´s your brand DNA made of? Well, it´s everything that makes your company be exactly what it is, its core, its personality. It´s what makes it unique.

Cause it´s not enough to tell a great story, you have to make that story be heard. We know how to communicate your messages effectively, through the right channels, to reach the right targets.

Let us be your strategic partners and make your business grow with concrete and measurable results.

Your digital transformation awaits.

Corina Haupt

Owner & Founder – Strategic Communication Consultant

Strategy and creativity have always been the core of my professional career, my skills evolved with the years.

I do counselling for businesses and organizations, developing communication-planning strategies to achieve the best objectives.

My experience goes through several local and international industries: major brands, construction, tourism, art, health and pharma, amongst others.

I believe that out-of-the-box thinking and innovation are the key to get to the best ideas and strategies.

Let´s get in touch!

Vanesa Sorianello

Managing Partner – Marketing & Communication – Organizational Counselor

I am a counselor; interacting with clients is my passion, actively listening and understanding what the brand really needs makes a difference to add value.

I have extensive experience developing, launching and managing successful brands for multinational companies and advising countless companies in various fields: pharma, consumer care, construction, mining, insurance, fashion, amongst others.

I love working on dynamic projects with multidisciplinary teams.

I have a collaborative attitude, flexibility and optimism to achieve the objectives and go far beyond.

Let’s talk!

Yamila Hoyos

Digital Marketing Specialist

I am a Digital Marketing passionate, with more than four years of experience as a freelance Community Manager, Social Media Manager and Content Manager for various B2B and B2C industries: motorcycle, textile, beauty, art, school stationery, beverages and NGOs.

I participated on various projects specializing in web design, working with WordPress, SEO and SEM, positioning and web analytics. I also worked as an Account Executive with a varied experience on Digital Marketing.

I am self-taught, love new challenges and I think there’s always something new to learn out there!

Jorge Bittleston

Creative Director

I have extensive experience in branding, packaging and visual communication development.

From the concept, to the implementation of ad campaigns, I´ve worked on every step of 360 advertising.

With strategic and creative thinking, I lead a diverse team of designers, copywriters and programming professionals who enrich our work.

I love family, sports, nature and outdoors activities.


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